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The Customizable Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle

By Andle's Tap handles

Beer Tap handle with white dry erase surface
Beer Tap handle with black chalkboard surface

For the past 200 years, Beer Tap Handles have been elaborate decorative items made of resin ceramic, metal or wood and they have provided a way that brewers and sellers can brand and market their products. The glint of a beer tap handle in the low glow of a bar can catch a consumer’s eye and remind them to try their beverage of choice or sample the latest concoction recommended by reviewers and neighbors.

The very presence of beer taps at your business signifies that your establishment is eclectic as well as diverse, that it is on top of beverage trends and can also be managed by a beer specialist with expert tastes. There is a real appeal for the customer to see rows of customized, even personalized, hand-labeled beer taps behind the bar as it makes them feel that they are about to savour a one-of-a-kind experience and that you, as a seller, are able to truly provide “something for everyone” – a true selling point for any bar or restaurant, tasting room or local brewery.

However, nowadays the beer tap handle is more than just a novelty item, conversation piece or even a functional work of art. The beer tap is that essential label, that tells your customers and your bar staff exactly what kind of brew is being dispensed from the tap and well-marked taps tell your customers that you are a credible dispenser and local authority when it comes to providing these products. Selling locally crafted beverages also shows that you are an avid supporter of your local agricultural and brewing companies as well as supportive of gourmet, traditional and organic growing practices, which is a real selling point for some drinking customers these days.

Customizable Tap Handles Are Practical for Today’s Hospitality Business
In the era of the microbrewery and craft beer brands, it is more important than ever for the bar, hotel and even restaurant owner to have their taps correctly identified in order to be in compliance with local laws regarding the regulation and dispensing of alcohol to customers, In the very competitive beverage industry it is important to make sure that the labeling of your beer taps is always accurate and visible to your customers and inspectors.

The problem is that constantly ordering high-end tap brass, wood and resin handles for your beer faucets can be very expensive, especially when one is to customize brews tend to have less enduring life-times than old stock brands of beers. A faucet without a label is also harder for your customer to recall when he comes back to your bar to order a refill. The answer to this problem is to use customizable and also personalized tap handles from Andle’s Tap Handles so that no tap in your bar is ever in service without identification.

The rise of the popularity of the craft beer and the microbrewery means that most establishments will have a need for even more tap handles than ever. Gone are the days when the giant resin logos of Budweiser, Coors, Pabst, Guinness , Molson and Labatt’s were the names of the decorative stubs of the faucet levers at bars featuring brews on tap. Now a local drinking establishment can boast a hundred or more craft beers, with each and every one of them needing to be marked and labeled properly.

Anatomy of a Customizable Beer Tap Handle

The customizable tap handles are actually inserts for your levers that consist of reusable handles that have two sides. One side of the insert has a black chalkboard surface that can be used with a chalk or dry erase marker and the flip-side of the insert has a white surface that can also be labeled with dry erase markers.
The handle itself is made of a flat piece oak wood and brass screws that lends the beer tap the air of formality, gentility and product quality control. The oak at Andle’s is procured locally from a local Amish sawmill, then kiln dried before being custom cut and prepared for us. The beer tap handles are then sanded and inspected and then shipped to you in an oak wood, unfinished state. If you wish to personalized and finish the wood with a particular stain that matches your bar or restaurant decor, such as with a shellac finish, or an oil stain or polyurethane.

















Inserts of chalk or plastic and may be placed into a slot in the handle with glue. However, for the most part, to change the beer tap handles name is as simple as wiping away the erasable marker or chalk with a damp cloth and then writing whatever new information you want on the cleaned insert space.

The Breweries name can be stamped at the top of a large flat wooden beer tap handle and the insert can describe the type of craft brew that is being dispensed. The tap handle can also be blank and the chalk board and eraser board inserts can provide all the information needed for bar staff and customers.
Personalized symbols can also be designed with a 3 dimensional space for interchangeable logos that can be encased inside large circular resin cases to give beer-style markers a more traditional look, depending on the decor style of your restaurant or bar.

No matter which style that you order, flat or 3-dimensional, these affordable and classy looking beer tap handles will always make sure that your products are properly labeled as required to comply with your local licensing and the supplying of alcohol laws. All of our Chalkboard beer tap handle normally come with full instructions for use and assembly for fitting. We are able to personalized any of our current beer tap handle shapes to suit your requirements, or can even create an individual, unique handle shape using either wood or metals, just for your brewery, craft beer, or even for your home brewed ales for ones own satisfaction.


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Chalkboard and white dry erase tap handle insert
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