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Andle’s Tap Handles
 Installation and use instructions:

Andle’s Tap Handles 

A practical solution for tap handle identification.


Thank you for your purchase. Please contact me if there are any problems with your order.


Installation Instructions:  DO NOT use force when installing your new tap handle. The bolt on the tap faucet is too long to be threaded inside of the threaded brass insert completely . Only about ¼” of the bolt can be threaded in. Turn the adjustment nut on the faucet bolt to hold the tap handle facing in correct direction and take up any space left between the tap handle and the bolt.  If you use  force when threading the tap handle on, the brass insert will expand and cause the tap handle to crack and split.


Recommended Marking Pens:


Expo Neon, Expo Neon for glass Windows - dry erase marker pens. I purchased mine from Staples, stock item in my local store.


Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Marker - liquid chalk marker pens. I purchased mine from Walmart, stock item in the craft section.


Directions for Use:   The Premium Surface  marker board will provide a lifetime of  service if used properly. The Premium Surface marker board is made of a non-porous, hard laminate material. Any kind of erasable marker pen can be used to write on it. For best results use Neon dry erase markers or liquid chalk pens. Inspect the tip of the maker pen before use; make sure it is soft and will not scratch the marker board. If the surface gets scratched, it will retain the ink color permanently. Colored ink may leave a ghost image on the surface if the markings are left on the marker board for long periods of time.  Before use, test your marker on the corner of the marker board to make sure it won’t leave a permanent mark. Clean the surface with a damp cloth or paper towel. Mild household cleaners can be used to clean the surface if needed. Make sure not to mark the bare wood before finish is applied. Old-fashioned chalk does not work well.  Do not use very hard chalk, such as sidewalk chalk. Replacement marker boards are available directly from

Wood Finishing: The tap handle does not have any finish or sealer applied. The wood has been rough sanded only. Any kind of wood finish can be used to finish the wooden tap handle. I prefer using water based clear finishes due to easy of clean up and low odor. Several coats of finish  will be needed with light sanding between  the applications.




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Thank you for your purchase




Download Instructions in PDF format here.

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