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  • Carl Konecny

Custom Coffee Tap handle

This is a custom coffee tap handle for Coffee Crafters, coffee roasters. Small coffee shop supplying your family with quality Espresso and Specialty Coffee based drinks, Italian Sodas, Fresh Loose Leaf Teas and more. From the owners: "We are Alan & Kinley. We have always enjoyed an incredible cup of coffee or an amazing espresso. While traveling within Europe, we found that coffee in Italy, Denmark, France and other countries were drastically different than what we were used to. The passion that was taken for extracting the perfect espresso in Italy was what we searched for within the US. While we searched for that espresso here, it was quite elusive, although occasionally attainable. Hence, we started roasting coffee in 2015 so we could develop exactly what we were looking for. It became highly requested amongst friends and family so we later private labeled our own coffee in 2017. From there, it has moved forward like a freight train, allowing us to develop and supply coffee to cafe's throughout California. Today we have Coffee Crafters"

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