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  • Carl Konecny

From Surfboard to Ski: The Process of Creating Custom Flight Boards

When you picture my work, custom tap handles might be the first thing that comes to mind. But I don't stop at tap handles. I love bringing unique ideas to life in custom flight boards, paddles and trays as well.

Sake flight board
Sake flight board

Take this recent project for a ski resort restaurant. They wanted a sake flight board shaped like a ski – now that's a unique request! I was excited to make it happen.

My process always starts with the customer's vision. Sometimes they have a piece they want to replicate; other times, we're brainstorming from scratch. I've got ready-to-customize shapes on hand, but this was about that bespoke touch. The client had a my surfboard-shaped flight board, but it wasn't exactly what they wanted.

Once I understood their ski-inspired dream, I got to work sketching. My secret weapon? Pro-grade graphic design software and years of experience. Understanding the sake cup size was crucial to get this just right.

Flight boards shaped like a ski

With the shape approved, it was time to get technical. I programmed the machining sequence using software that controls my CNC Router. Think of it like a 3D printer, but instead of building up, we're carving, milling down. I ran a simulation to catch errors before cutting into the material.

Prototype time! This stage is about refining the process. If the prototype checks out, I start "nesting" – arranging parts to minimize waste. Then, it's time to let the router do its magic.

For this double-sided ski board, precise alignment was key. I machined one side, carefully flipped the material, and ran the router again. It's like solving a puzzle, ensuring top and bottom align flawlessly.

Even with the router's precision, these custom shapes demand lots of elbow grease. Sanding by hand using various sanders is how I achieve that silky smooth finish.

The final flourish? Laser engraving. I mask off the area to prevent discoloration, then remove the tape to reveal crisp lines. For this board, the client opted to showcase the natural wood grain, so we skipped the clear coat.

And there you have it – a sake flight board that's as much art as it is functional. Projects like these remind me how much joy I find in crafting custom pieces that bring my clients' unique visions to life.

Stacks of custom sake flight boards
Sake flight boards ready for delivery

Ready to take your beverage service to the next level with a custom flight board? I'd love to collaborate and create a piece as unique as you are. Reach out and let's discuss your project!

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