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Beer tap handle with 2.5" x 6.5" black dry-erase chalkboard marker board. Natural pine wood. Create custom beer tap handle.

Customizable Premium Surface, pine wood tap handle. Unlike most other chalkboard surfaces, the Premium maker board is made of a non-porous, hard laminate material with matte finish. NEON dry erase markers or liquid chalk pens are needed to write on the black dry erase surface. Regular dry erase markers are no visible on this surface. Old fashion chalk sticks do not work well. The Premium Surface Andle’s Tap Handle maker board should provide lifetime of service if used properly. Print your own labels. Great for bars, restaurants, homebrewers, breweries, beer drinkers. The core of the tap handle is denim pine wood. Our local pine, may have some slightly dark, blue streaks in the wood.. Made in Oakville, MD.

Beer Tap Handle with Black Dry-erase Chalkboard Marker Board, pine wood

SKU: Fm2x6Ptap
  • Beer tap handle with dry erase black chalkboard, natural unfinished pine wood.

    Size: 7.5" tall x 2.75" wide

    Marker Board: Dry-erase surface, Neon dry erase makers or liquid chalk pens

    Threaded insert thread: 3/8 x 16

    Material: Denim pine ( may have some darker streaks discoloration)

    Double sided. Marker board is on both sides

    Faucet is not included


  • Only $ 1.99 per order. Usually ships within 3 business days USPS priority.

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