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Personalized shot 2x glasses vintage logo personalized custom text , set of  two glasses. Engraved by hand using abrasive sand. Made in Oakville, MD, USA


You will receive two identically engraved glasses with each order. Up to two lines of text can be engraved plus monogram initial on the top of the design. Monogram can be one letter, or two letters. Two letters will be separated by divider unless you ask me otherwise.  Maximum 12 characters per line. Retro style font. If you prefer different font contact me before placing the order.  Provide only the text you want, I will adjust design to fit your text.


Please email me with your text:

(Copy and paste the following with your text)

Character(s) for the monogram initial in the circle on the top of the design: "Max two"

First horizontal line: "12char max"

Second horizontal line: "12char max"


The design is etched by hand using abrasive sand, not laser engraved. Sand carved etchings are smooth, distinctive, beautiful and permanent. Many vendors offer laser engraved glassware. Laser engraving machines are not capable of producing smooth glass etching. The laser engraved designs are rough, sharp and same color shade as the glass, therefore they are harder to notice. Photos are of the actual products, not mockups.

Personalized Shot Glasses with Vintage Design, Set of Two Shot Glasses

SKU: sh125ozVl
  • Capacity: 1.25 oz.

    Height: 2-1/8" inches

    Color: Clear

    Material: Glass

    Brand: Acopa

    Dishwasher safe

  • Shipping FREE. Usually ships within 3 business days USPS priority.

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