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Beautiful outdoor, indoor signs for stores, bars, restaurants, farms or your home. We can use wood, plastic, solid surface material and other materials. …

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Carved painted farm sign
Painted carved house sign
Exterior dimensional carved sign
Custom carved wood sign with name.
Carved bar wood sign
Custom oak sign
Wooden sign
Dimensional cnc cut sign
Carved sign CNC router machine made
Custom CNC machine made sign

We can fabricate, carve and engrave small or large outdoor and indoor signs. The base substrate materials can be wood, plastic, High Density Urethane board or any machinable material, including soft metals.


To get a quote or more information, please email us at If you have a design ready, it should be submitted in a vector based format. We will provide rendering of the actual sign for your approval, before proceeding with the fabrication. Even a polystyrene foam proof can be provided before making the sign from an expensive material. We can design basic signs, however for best results consider hiring professional graphic designer to make the design.


If custom fixture, brackets or posts need to be made, We can help with that as well. We make our own metal hardware parts for special hinges and brackets on our own hydraulic Ironworker press. Metal Ironworker services included shearing, hole punching, bending and cutting metal up to ⅜” thickness plus light welding of sign frames and supports.


Please note we are not graphic design experts. Our expertise is the fabricating process, we make things. We have specialized wood working tools, such CNC router, which enables us to make high quality dimensional signs from variety of machinable materials. Additionally we have all the finishing tools necessary to complete your sign.


We do not make flat printed or vinyl signs, such as banners or stickers.

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